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"Two hours reading a script is a part of your life you will never get back. 

It's that gnawing realization that drives me to ensuring your time is well spent."

FORGE suspense|thriller
When your life depends on it ... BRING GOLD.

" FORGE is Wall Street in reverse."

The son of an ambitious business tycoon, learns that his father has suspiciously gone missing, and uncovers a world of deceit, corruption and greed when he comes looking for answers - as the company's new CEO.


Two life times - One love

"CONNECT is as much a love story, as Titanic is a movie about a ship that sinks in the North Atlantic."

A man challenges fate by undergoing a dangerous reverse-regression procedure that promises to track the soul of his past life lover forward to present time, only to find himself in the lethal cross-hairs of a 160 year old love triangle.

PREP suspense|drama

They couldn't see it coming - he did.

" Surviving an economic collapse takes more than courage - you need a PLAN."

A mid-level bank executive catches hint of a national financial crisis that is about to explode and raises questions of doubt and concern with those around him as he goes to extreme lengths preparing for the potential fallout. 

ONE MORE THAN 100 suspense|thriller

Believing in a sure thing can be deadly.

" 101 percent guilty - 99 percent of the time."

Charged with committing a horrific crime, a disgraced police detective has the odds stacked against him as he fights to prove his innocence and avoid lethal injection from within the walls of a corrupt state prison.

The President's Ear suspense|thriller

Peace is a call away.

" It's not about protecting us. It's about realizing they are us. "

An elite intelligence gathering agency with direct access to the President, jeopardizes national security when it's newest recruit unwittingly falls for the sister of a terrorist cell leader.

EASTERN BLOCK action|thriller

Small town hospitality has it's limits.

" They said you can never go home. They were wrong. "

Returning from active duty to start a new life, a young Marine finds that his idyllic home town has been overrun by a Romanian mafia boss, and relies on the help of his former platoon members to help him reclaim it.

Dream it up. Write it down. Tell the world. Repeat.